Sunday, 2 February 2014

Today Equity Market Tips

According to Last closing session (i.e, 31st jan, 2014)  the Relience Infrastructure has a very good fluctuation wih a very good volume. The Maximum is 373.30 and the least is 363.00 that means it had 10 points movement very clearly. Actually Relience infrastructure is a good script and it has a more movements in a day. So, we could buy 100 shares confidently because it has a confirm movementable script definetely its going to increase the value atleast 2-3 points easily. So, we can sell the 100 shares which we have purchased in a hour easily. So, we can get Rs. 200- Rs. 300  very easily in a single shot. After exiting the trading with the profit better to learn the movements of the script. If the possibilities are there for the ups and downs in this script and if it has a time in that day then can go for buying and better to sell out as soon as possible by the day closing. In this view relience infrastructure is a very good script and more profitable script.

Intraday Scripts for 03.02.2014

1.  Relience Infrastructure

2.   Andhra Bank
3.   Jai Prakash Associates
4.   Punjab National Bank

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