Wednesday, 13 December 2017


BITCOIN is the  first DIGITAL CURRENCY  invented by SATOSHI NAKAMOTO in 2009. BITCOIN OR all other CRYPTO (like MONERO, FANTOMCOIN, QUAZARCOIN, DIGITALNOTE, MONETAVERDA, DASHCOIN, AEONCOIN etc..)  currencies are created  by mining process.   All these currencies are created as a reward for a process of mining and all these crypto  or digital currencies can be exchanged for the other currencies, products and other services by the vendors.

All the digital currencies or Crypto currencies are generating through mining process only.  There are two type of mining process, one is CPU mining and the other one is GPU mining. CPU mining process is very slowly generate the currency when comparing to GPU mining process.  GPU mining process means it works with graphic cards. Crypto currencies generates very fast with the support of the graphic card. Now a days people are showing a more interest in BITCOIN mining. BITCOIN or other CRYPTO currencies mining are very crucial due to very very high electricity bills. If the Electricity is cheap and it should not be power cuts then people can do the crpyto mining. And the main disadvatage is GPU mining should required Air condition only. Otherwise The graphic cards will be damage immediately due to the high room temperature. According to some miners, GPU mining should be done under room temperature 16 degrees only. Now a days mining is doing on the mining machines. 

According to world financial analysts saying that Bitcoin will be touch to 40 thousand dollars(40,000$) in future. In the other conversations that the Bitcoin will be get down to very very low due to drastic changes in world situations. 

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